Multidimensional Anger Test

Multidimensional Anger Test : This test is developed by a site which indulges into different individual personality assessment tests. If you are susceptible to getting angry easily it maybe a good idea to take the test. We give you here, all the relevant information of the multidimensional anger test.

What Is Multidimensional Anger Test

The state of people’s mental health is getting worse. Worries are being brought on by occurrences around the world. There has been a significant uptick in the number of people quitting their jobs across the country. People are, for example, feeling the weight of COVID-19 in a way that has never been experienced before. Anger is one of the many feelings that people experience, and in the world of the internet, that anger is multidimensional and can be assessed in a test.

Understanding The Multidimensional Anger Test

It would appear that anger is not as straightforward as you may have thought it was. The complex feeling of anger is reflected in the numerous facets that are encompassed by the concept of multidimensional anger.

The idea of a multidimensional anger inventory is a comparatively recent development. During an examination of the scientific literature on anger and coronary heart disease, UCLA psychologist Judith Siegel came up with the idea after noting numerous characteristics of rage. Dr. Siegel observed that some individuals had a hostile view even when they had never experienced acute anger, whilst other individuals were quickly angered by a constrained number of instances.

Why is it vital to delve into the ways in which you react angrily?

It is crucial to understand why you are roused to anger and how it unfolds because it will help you figure out how to handle it. Understanding the why and how will help you figure out how to manage it. Especially in circumstances that are really trying, learning how to control your anger is an important step in protecting your mental health.

The current generation provides the ease of social media in the form of the multidimensional rage test in order to assist individuals in recognising their own feelings of anger.

How Accurate Is The Multidimensional Anger Test

This type of rage test, which has been going around on Twitter recently, prompts you to think about the ways in which you have dealt with anger in the past. It asks you 38 questions, the answers to which are supposed to reveal how susceptible you are to the feeling. This is accomplished by comparing your answers with those of the typical member of the population.

IDRLabs developed a test on multidimensional rage that is based on the various empirical dimensions that Dr. Siegel has mapped out in her research. The test was based on the results of IDRLabs’ research.

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Scale of Anger – Multidimensional Anger Test

You will have the opportunity to reflect on the following scales of rage as you work through the questions:

Frequency Duration
way of expressing oneself
Hostile outlook
The full spectrum of aggravating circumstances

The questions are phrased as sentences, and you will indicate whether or not you “agree” or “disagree” with the statement being made. Dr. Siegel’s work is made easier by the multidimensional anger test, which divides the features into the following categories:


It addresses the recurrence, duration, and intensity of angry feelings.


It encompasses a comprehensive range of circumstances that are likely to set off your outbursts of fury.


The higher your score, the more cynical you are likely to be because it reflects how you view the world.


If you get a high score here, people might say that you have a short fuse.


If you have a high score in this area, you have a tendency to feel bad when you vent your anger.

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The Score of Multidimensional Anger Test

Does the fact that the exam appears to cover a lot of material suggest that it accurately describes your level of anger? There is absolutely no assurance that the results will be correct in any way. Don’t accept it as gospel just like you shouldn’t do with any other trend that emerges from social media. On the other hand, you may use the results to help keep you in check.

It’s possible that you’re not paying attention to how you react when you get angry.  The results of the test may provide you with information that can assist you in formulating methods to use when you find yourself becoming increasingly frustrated.


Anger isn’t all awful. It is a normal reaction in some circumstances, and expressing that anger may even be beneficial to your health. Suppressing anger can lead to health problems such as a heart attack or bronchitis. According to the findings of several studies, experiencing this experience might even boost creative output, positive outlook, and productive behaviour.

Only when you are unable to exercise any form of control over it will it become a source of concern. When you become abusive, it has an effect on the relationships in your life. It has an effect on both your physical and emotional health, causing symptoms such as elevated blood pressure, tense muscles, stress, and feelings of guilt, among other things.

There are three subcategories of anger: quiet aggression, open aggressiveness, and forceful anger.

The last strategy is the most effective method for managing anger, as it enables you to respond appropriately to stressful circumstances:

Recognize the distinction between the circumstances over which you have control and those over which you have no influence.
Delay your reaction. Take a moment to stop and breathe deeply whenever you find yourself becoming furious. When you give yourself a break from an emotionally charged scenario, you give yourself more options for how to react to the circumstance.
Express your worries in a manner that is understandable while avoiding adopting an attitude that would belittle the other person.
Ask yourself, “Am I helping the problem by being angry, or am I just making it worse?”

If you feel that you can’t handle the challenges presented in the previous phases, you can begin your journey toward anger control with the following:

Use your imagination to find solutions to reduce stress.
Practice relaxation techniques (meditation or yoga)
You should give some thought to getting behavioural treatment for professional support.

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Taking care of your mental health includes learning how to control your anger. It is only natural to experience feelings of irritation, a lack of control, and faith during times in which it appears that the world is not heading in the right path.

Is there any good that can come from expressing it? Will there be a positive result as a result of this?

The multidimensional anger test is a wonderful place to begin if you want to get an accurate reading of your level of anger arousal and where it falls on the spectrum.

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